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Variability of the Sun and ...

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Variability of the Sun and Sun-like Stars: from Asteroseismology to Space Weather 1
Variability of the Sunand Sun-like Stars:from Asteroseismologyto Space Weather 3
Preface 5
Helioseismology in Uzbekistan:past and present 11
Local Helioseismology of Emerging Active Region: A Case Study 25
Realistic Simulations of Stellar Radiative MHD 49
Advances in Realistic MHD Simulations of the Sun and Stars 73
A brief history of the solar diameter measurements: a critical quality assessment of the existing data 99
Solar sunspot-forming activity and itsdevelopment on the reliable Wolf numbers series 119
Wave instabilities in an anisotropic magnetized space plasma 129
Asteroseismology with solar-like oscillations 135
Cosmic Rays and other Space Weather Phenomena Influenced on Satellites Operation, Technologies, Biosphere and People Health 155
Cosmic Rays and other Space Phenomena Dangerous for the Earth’s Civilization: Beginning Steps for Founding Cosmic Ray Warning System 169
Space Weather Effects on Human Health 187
Cosmic Rays and other Space Phenomena Influenced on the Earth’s Climate 197
Does climatic changes could have destroyed great civilizations? 213
Influence of orbital forcing and solar activity on climate change in the past 229

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