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Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Lynyrd Skynyrd 1
That smell of death 5
Raised on southern land 11
Tryin’ to make a dime 19
From the Florida border up to Nashville, Tennessee 27
Broken dreams and dirty deals 33
Fly high free bird 41
Gonna make me a superstar 51
Singin’ songs about the southland 63
Women, whisky and miles of traveling 71
Movin’ around from town to town 81
Born with a traveling bone 93
Angel of darkness is upon you 101
Everything that I dreamed of, it was real 109
That smell of death 123
The more I fight the sadness, the more I grieve 131
Tomorrow might not be here for you 141
Things I like, I try them twice 145
A legacy that’s hard to live up to 153
Big wheels keep on turning 163
_GoBack 170
Bibliographie 170
Remerciements 171
Top 20 (éminemment subjectif) des morceaux du groupe 172

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